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You can get a roadworthy certificate from licensed vehicle testers, such as mechanics or authorized inspection stations. Punjab Auto and tyres.

The cost varies depending on the vehicle type and the inspection station. Prices typically start from around $170.

Yes, you need a roadworthy certificate for each vehicle when selling, re-registering, or transferring ownership.

Yes, you can drive your car to the inspection station for a roadworthy inspection, but ensure it's safe to drive.

  • What's a roadworthy certificate and why do I need one for my car in Melbourne?

    A roadworthy certificate shows your car meets safety standards for driving in Melbourne. You need it when selling, re-registering, or transferring ownership.

  • What parts of my car get checked for a roadworthy certificate?

    Mechanics check brakes, lights, tyres, and more to make sure your car's safe to drive on Melbourne roads.

  • How long does a roadworthy certificate last, and what if it expires before I sell my car?

    It's valid for 30 days. If it expires, you'll need a new one before selling your car.

  • Can I get a roadworthy certificate if my car fails the first inspection?

    Yes, fix the issues, then get it re-inspected to pass.

  • Are there any special rules for old or modified cars getting a roadworthy certificate?

    Vintage or modified cars may have different rules. Check with a licenced tester for details like Punjab Auto and Tyres.

  • What should I check when buying a car with a roadworthy certificate?

    Look at the service history and get a mechanic to inspect it to be sure it's safe.

  • How can I trust roadworthy certificates from private sellers?

    While they're usually reliable, it's smart to have an independent mechanic check the car first, from Punjab Auto and Tyres.

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